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    Past Parades

    2011 - Pothole Patrol

    In 2011 we resurrected our 2010 theme.

    Brid of the Hearth 2010-2012 This year we honor Laura LeBon. Ms LeBon is an architect, owner of Urban Architecture in Mid-City, and recently became a certified aging-in-place specialist.

    Brid of the Forge 2010-2012 This year we honor Dr. Melanie Ehrlich. Dr. Ehrlich is a professor of genetics, whose Tulane Medical School lab does research on muscular dystrophy and cancer. She is the founder of CHAT – Citizens' Road Home Action Team.

    Brid of the Spirit 2010-2012 This year we honor Ms. Stephanie Bruno. Ms. Bruno is a champion of New Orleans' neighborhoods. She writes a weekly series in the Times-Picayune spotlighting the cultural and architectural features of our neighborhoods.

    Get pictures and more info about our 2011 march here.

    2010 - Pothole Patrol

    We chose the theme Pothole Patrol for our 2010 march because many of the streets that were damaged either as a direct result of the 2005 floods or as a result of the increase in construction traffic. Our traditional route was abandoned to allow for the construction along Harrison. Sadly, due to impending storms, we had to abandon our march this year.

    2009 - Brid's Got Balls

    In 2009 we chose the tounge-in-cheek theme Brid's Got Balls. This double entendre title allowed us to reach both adults and children in ways that they could all appreciate.

    This was the first year that we split the krewe into three distinct groups. We proudly honored New Orleans' own Hornets, Zephyrs, and Saints. Little did we know that our beloved Saints would bring home our first Lombardi trophy the following year.

    Brid of the Hearth 2009 This year we honor Michelle Douglas, who spent countless hours working with Hynes School faculty and parents and community leaders to charter the school and find a place to hold classes. As Hynes principal, she has expanded the school's programs, adding art therapy, band and other activities. She is dedicated to nurturing our children's minds and spirit.

    Brid of the Forge 2009 This year we honor Nicole Barron, whose efforts to rebuild her first and only home have been monumental. Barron draws on her bottomless enthusiasm to encourage others to preserve and live in historic houses. She is a champion for New Orleans neighborhoods and their unique architecture.

    Brid of the Spirit 2009 This year we honor Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc, who showed amazing moxie in Spike Lee's documentary about the 2005 levee failures. She believes that faith, hope and love will keep us strong and focused on our recovery.

    Get pictures and more info about our 2009 march here.

    2008 - Krewe of Brid - Inagural March

    High Priestess Mary Hogan and friends put on the show of the year as the Krewe of Brid marched down Harrison Avenue for the first time. We were cheered on by a much larger than expected crowd of neighbors and friends.

    Brid of the Hearth 2008 This year we honor Leslie Killian.

    Brid of the Forge 2008 This year we honor Bari Landry.

    Brid of the Spirit 2008 This year we honor Ashlye Keaton.

    Get pictures and more info about our 2008 march here.